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With growing pressure to “do more with less,” many schools and communities are cutting programs that are deemed "not essential".  Reduced budgets and less than ideal economic conditions can mean that schools don't have funds to provide students with extracurricular experiences and activities that broaden thinking and unlock learning opportunities.  Often, this means that many childhood experiences will be lost as well.  Field trips to see and experience things outside of the classroom, to attend a first play or concert, to stand for the first time inside a museum, would be lost without fundraising programs.  Programs such as music, theater and visual arts are often the first curriculum cuts made.


While fundraising helps to pay for extracurricular experiences and activities, there is an additional benefit beyond the obvious - it is a way to engage children in civic-minded activities at a young age.  It creates an awareness that they are part of a larger community.  When raising funds for other segments of society, children learn to appreciate what they have and to understand that they have the ability, even from a young age, to help others.  Be sure to talk to your children about how your participation in the our fundraising programs helps our school, our global community and the environment.


The following programs provide our Casa Montessori families with easy and painless fundraising opportunities that will benefit our students and school.  Thank you for supporting our fundraisers!



Casa Montessori Group ID # 94271




Casa Montessori Group ID # 3664


The Ralphs Community Contribution Program was designed to make fundraising easy.  Go online to, click Community on the horizontal navigation bar, click on Community Contribution on the left-hand navigation bar Account, scroll down to Participant and click on the Enroll button.  Your purchases will begin counting for Casa Montessori within 72 hours of signing up.  Simply use your Ralphs rewards Card whenever you make purchases at Ralphs.  Within 7 business days of your online registration, you will see "At your Request, Ralphs is donating to Casa Montessori" printed at the bottom of your Ralphs receipts.  Please be sure to re-register with Ralphs at the beginning of each new school year.


Since 1997, Target has donated over $354 million to K-12 schools through their Take Charge of Education program.  Support our school - enroll today at or call 1-800-316-6142.  Select Casa Montessori as your designated school, then use your Target REDcard (Target Credit Card, Target Debit Card or Target Visa Card) whenever you shop.  Target will donate up to 1% of your purchases to Casa Montessori.  Invite family, friends and neighbors  to participate.  The more people involved, the harder the program works for our school.  Track our progress anytime at


Learn more at or stop in a Target store to apply.




Casa Montessori Group ID-casamontenort-20


Click the link below to start shopping with our Group ID already set or add our Group ID number when you check out under promotion code. Shop at and help our school fundraiser! There is absolutely no catch. The prices are exactly the same, but there is one BIG difference - our school will earn a commission on every sale! That's right, just make normal everyday purchases and it can really add up for our school! School fundraising has never been easier.

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