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Students are taught about stranger awareness, safety, self-discipline and self-control, as well as,  Martial Arts basics.  As they progress, they learn more advanced moves.  Students are taught techniques in kicks, punches, blocks, grabs, and locks. Equally important is the emphasis placed on when, where, and how martial arts is to be used.  The Stranger Danger program teaches students awareness and prepares them for a possible encounter with a stranger. The students learn that the purpose of martial arts is self-defense, not self-offense, and that karate is not for use on our friends, parents, teachers, or even furniture.


Each student begins at a white belt level and progresses to a new belt each session. The students must earn three stripes on their belts, red, white, and blue, in order to be eligible to test.  Each stripe represents particular karate techniques appropriate to their rank.  The program runs for 10 weeks per session beginning in September, January and April and are 50 minutes long in duration.  To register, or for more information, visit their website at:



After School Programs: 

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