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Mission, Principles & Goal

Our Mission


To  recognize and respect the inherent value and dignity of each child.


To develop the child’s ability to acquire knowledge, obtain information properly, and create and express themselves while developing basic skills.


To foster an environment that promotes the child's sense of personal responsibility, develops self- esteem through work and freedom of choice, and cultivates the expression of love and respect towards self and others.


To be a respectful, nurturing, safe and diverse educational institution that fosters the development of the whole child.

Our Principles


We will strive for academic excellence.


We support individualized learning through the prepared environment focused on Montessori materials and interdisciplinary experiences.


We encourage self motivation and spontaneous activities in an ungraded system.


We welcome parents as important partners in their child’s growth and education.


We prepare the foundation for children to be independent and responsible citizens who can contribute to human society.

Our Goal


To develop the whole child, emphasizing the importance and encouraging the development of independence, concentration, initiative and leadership; and to promote the love of knowledge and the joy of learning.

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